BOTB Spot the Ball

Overall Rating


  • Ticket prices from 15p
  • 5+ and 10+ ticket discounts
  • Guaranteed winner every week
  • 180 cars and 200 lifestyle prizes
  • Weekly promotions
  • Runner up prizes
  • £200 dream car credit


  • No Info on Odds of Winning
  • Taxes and other Import Duties if You Win Outside the UK

General Information

What is BOTB Spot the Ball?

BOTB spot the ball is the ultimate competition in which you can win your dream car. With millions of cars won since 1999, is the online portal for weekly dream car and weekly lifestyle competitions. It’s played by purchasing tickets and “spotting the ball”. Initially running ‘win a car competitions’ in airports and shopping centres, it is now a core online business where members buy tickets and play spot the ball online with the chance of winning luxury cars and prizes. The site allows members to enter two weekly competitions, dream car and dream lifestyle. What attracts UK players is the choice of 180 cars or 200 lifestyle prizes – including cash, holidays and expensive tech.

Login and Sign Up

Signing up to BOTB is a simple process and only requires the following details;

o Full name
o Email address
o Cell phone
o Country
o Password
o Verify that you’re over the age of 17 years old

Review of games, promos and Bonuses

What Promo codes, Discounts and Vouchers Do they Offer?

BOTB has created its own rewards system based on the number of tickets you purchase. The concept is simple, the more you buy, the greater your discount will be. Effectively increasing your odds and lowering the cost of your tickets. Suitably named 5+ and 10+ dream car pricing, buying bundles of more than 5 and 10 tickets lowers your price at checkout. There are also sign up and welcome bonuses that are constantly being updated, which often displayed as pop ups on their website or can be seen on their active social media channels.

Popular Lottery Games
BOTB isn’t a lottery or raffle; it’s a game of skill. Players must use their skill and judgement when they play BOTB spot the ball competitions. There are no additional casino games or other on this site.

Security, Trust and Scams

Is BOTB Spot the Ball Casino Legit?

BOTB is a legitimate AIM traded UK registered company. As part of our review, we looked at BOTB’s reputation and you can view all of their financial trading data within the investor’s tab of BOTB.

Does LottoGaurdian Trust BOTB Spot the Ball Casino?

LottoGuardian does trust BOTB and its players safety and security. The company is registered in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act 1985 with registered number 3755182 and VAT registration number 756233526 and has paid out over £30 million in dream cars since 1999.

Lotto Review on Pay-outs, Withdrawals, and Winners

Players can find answers to a few general questions in their FAQs section and there is a short, easy to understand video designed to explain the playing process. However, if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for you can contact the customer care number on +44 (0)207 371 88 66 or e-mail

Customer Support at BOTB Spot the Ball

You can reach BoyleSports casino via phone, email and live chat – you can even contact the casino via Twitter. Because a sportsbook is also a part of the overall platform, you will need to specify the support department you want to get in touch with. In addition to offering full accessibility, the BoyleSports casino features quite a few useful information sections.

Our Experience with BOTB Spot the Ball

BOTB gets an approval from us, partly for its simplicity and partly for the amazing different dream cars to win. The reviews on their website are great but that isn’t much to go by considering they control those. However, other sites were just as positive, so it looks like this site does just what it says it does – offers a car a week to win.

Final Thoughts

This site looks legit and does exactly what it says – players can win a car a week. Easy to use, fun to play and with lots of options. As the safest and most legitimate way to play spot the ball online, BOTB is the real deal. Add in the discount on tickets and it becomes a top skills competition site.

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2 thoughts on “BOTB Spot the Ball

  1. Margie says:

    Fun game site, not really a lotto site but nice to play ever now and then. Almost like an adult version of winning the toy but with a lot more money at stake. Ticket prices are reasonable, which is also a big drawcard to the site. Never won anything or come near but I think chances are so slim with these kind of sites.

  2. brendon says:

    I never have been able to afford a new car so this competition gives me hope every week that maybe I can win one!
    Great concept and site!

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