Before you can start playing on any lottery website, you need to register an account by simply clicking on the register or sign up button. Be sure to enter all the required details correctly, so that the site can contact you for any winnings. Once you have successfully submitted your data, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your account or welcoming you to their website.

Once your account is verified you can start playing your preferred lottery. Some sites may require you to add funds to your account before you purchase tickets, however other sites allow you check out using your credit card.

If your ticket wins, the site will send you an email notifying you of a win. However, in cases where a system malfunction prevents them from contacting you, they are not liable for any missed wins. It is still your responsibility as the user to check if your ticket has won.

Procedures on how to claim prizes vary from website to website, so it’s imperative to read their terms and conditions first to see if you’re amenable to their methods before signing up.

What Makes A Lottery Site Trustworthy?

Lottery sites that are trustworthy will have the following characteristics:

• Valid Lottery Licence
• Positive reviews from existing consumers
• Consistent engagement
• Diversified lotteries
• Guaranteed pay-outs on winnings

How To Play The Lottery Online

Playing online lotteries are as easy as singing the ABC’s. Sites may vary with signing up, however purchasing lottery tickets hold the same process:
1. Pick your lottery of choice
2. Choose your lottery numbers
3. Add to cart
4. Pay
5. Wait for the results

Genuine Online Lottery Sites

Want to play on the biggest international lotteries? Below you’ll find a list of secure lottery betting and purchasing websites that offer the best lotteries and promotions:

1. LottoChimp

2. Play Huge Lottos

3. Lotto Social

4. Super Lottos