Are you interested in joining a Syndicate or group play?
Take a look at 5 of the most frequently asked questions about what group play entails and how to join.

1. What is a lottery Syndicate?
A lottery Syndicate consists of a group of players who have come together to purchase more lottery tickets at a shared cost. Any winnings are shared equally between the participants. By owning a share of multiple tickets, players are increasing their chances of winning the lottery at a significantly lower cost. Online syndicates can be of any size, the most common are 50, 55 and 150 shares, you can purchase just one share to guarantee you get a percentage of any winnings, or purchase more shares to get a bigger cut of any prize money won.
2. What is a Syndicate manager?
Syndicate managers are in charge of purchasing the groups lottery tickets, uploading the scanned lottery lines on each participates membership account, making sure that every group member has paid on time and share out any winnings once they have been collected. These winnings can be cashed out or used to purchase more Syndicate lines.
3. How are prizes for online Syndicates divided?
Online Syndicate prizes are divided into equal shares, and the amount each player receives depends on the number of shares they have purchased.
4. Are lottery Syndicates legal?
Yes, online Syndication websites are legal, they act as a lottery concierge service, which safely and legally buys members tickets and pays any winnings into their membership accounts.
5. How do I join an online Syndicate?
Entering an online Syndicate is a quick, convenient, and secure way to boost your chances of winning the lottery at a significantly lower cost. All you have to do is decide which lottery concierge service you would like to join and whether you wish to play EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, US Powerball or Mega Millions.

Top Rated Lottery Syndicates

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1. LottoChimp
2. SuperLottos
3. Wintrillions 
4. Lottosocial 
5. World Lottos