Overall Rating


  • A good choice of international lotteries
  • No minimum deposit requirement
  • Allows for international signups
  • 100% welcome bonus
  • Money back on your first purchase up to £25
  • Ongoing promotions
  • 20% off US lottery tickets
  • Lottery Bundles
  • Doesn’t take commission from your winnings
  • Fast pay-outs
  • Multiple international Syndicates
  • Perfect for inexperienced Syndicate players
  • Variety of payment methods
  • Helpful & knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Great loyalty program
  • User-friendly website design
  • Instant win games
  • Interactive shopping cart: you can change numbers, add and remove lines in your shopping cart, instead of clearing it all and beginning again.


  • Scratch card games have a highly addictive nature
  • Only offer 10 international lotteries

General Information

What is LottoChimp?

LottoChimp is a quirky online lottery site that offers a variety of lottery lines, bundles and Syndications for the BIGGEST international jackpots for customers to enjoy. They also offer instant win games on their website for the players to reap instant rewards whilst they wait for the lottery results. LottoChimp offers great welcome bonuses and great weekly promotions.

Login and Sign Up

When you are ready to play with LottoChimp, you will first need to register a FREE online account on their website. You can find this on the top-right area of the page. You will be asked for:
• Your email address,
• A password for the account,
• Your full name,
• Date of birth (gambling is prohibited for any person under the age of 18)

Once you have completed your registration, you can start playing on their site. You have the option to credit your account by depositing money before you purchase a ticket, or you can alternately check out using your credit card. LottoChimp offers a 100% deposit bonus up to £25, alternatively you can receive your money back on first purchase. LottoChimp’s instant win games on their website offer a 500% deposit match on your first 3 deposits and 100 free spins.
If you are interested in group play to maximise your chances of winning the lottery, you can subscribe to a syndicate via a credit payment.

Review of Games, Promos and Bonuses

Promocodes, discounts and vouchers

LottoChimp offers bundles which include different international lottery lines at a discounted price to what it would cost to buy those lottery lines individually. LottoChimp is also offering a first sign-up deal where you can receive a deposit match or refund on your first purchase up to £25.
Right now, LottoChimp also provides a 20% discount on US Mega Millions and US Powerball tickets.

Popular Lottery Games

LottoChimp has some of the most popular international lotteries on their site, such as EuroMillions, US Powerball and US MegaMillions.

Other LottoChimp Games and Syndicates

LottoChimp offers a variant of syndications for all the major lottery games, as well as 3 bundles; the Star, Union and Bananza bundle which allows you to buy more than one lottery at a discounted rate. For example, their Bananza Bundle lets you play four of the biggest lottery jackpots in the world (US Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, Eurojackpot) in just ONE click.
The Slot Games that be found on LottoChimp include Frogged, Catsino, and World of Oz. If slots are not what you’re seeking, there are other instant win games you can play like Bingo, roulette, blackjack, and poker.

Security, Trust and Scams

Is LottoChimp Legit

Yes, LottoChimp is legit, they operate under the strictest regulations and all your private information is secured safely and is only accessible to you.

Does LottoGaurdian Trust LottoChimp?

LottoChimp holds all the right information and terms and conditions which adds to their credibility. We highly recommend using LottoChimp for all your lottery interests.

LottoChimp Review on Pay-outs, Withdrawals, and Winners

Any winnings you make with LottoChimp will be credited into your unique LottoChimp account, you can then opt to use these credits to carry on playing or you can opt to withdraw the credits into your bank account that is registered with your LottoChimp Profile. Any payments from larger winnings will be arranged with you and LottoChimp, in accordance with their lottery agreements.

LottoChimp Mobile Options

LottoChimp is mobile friendly- the website that has been formatted to fit your device’s screen for easier playing.

Customer Support at LottoChimp

If you have any concerns or questions, we suggest taking a look at their FAQs first, if your question hasn’t been answered from the FAQs then you can contact their customer support via email or you can call one of their friendly agents who will gladly assist with whatever you need to know.
0151 808 1505

Our Experience with LottoChimp


The website is very quirky and bright, with the picture of their cute mascot on the top of the web page. All of the lotteries and bundles are very easy to find, in their allocated tabs on the top of the screen.

Final Thoughts

LottoChimp holds a different feel and vibe in comparison to other lottery sites we have reviewed, its energetic and very enticing. Their bundle offering is great for a one stop shop lottery purchase and they hold all the popular lotteries that we love to play. Would definitely recommend this site to play.

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12 thoughts on “LottoChimp

  1. John S. says:

    Great promos and bonus deals!!! I very seldom write reviews out or comment on things but this site is with every penny! It has all of the best jackpots that you want to play available and it is so easy to buy tickets. Really enjoy this and have passed it onto a lot of friends and family members!

  2. Jeremy Hansen says:

    Great communication and games on this site. This is over and above the actual lottery offerings. Brilliant prices on tickets and rewarded with bonus deals and promotions which is always a win :). Loving it so far!

  3. nicole says:

    easy to sign up on
    cant wait too use my sign up bonuses great experience too be a part of lotto chimp.
    will recommend this site to play.

  4. Preshni says:

    User-friendly,super easy to sign up .Best part is i get to play in a syndicate which means more chances of winning
    # feeling lucky:)

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