Overall Rating


  • Incredible prizes
  • All proceeds go to charity
  • Payments are 100% tax-deductible


  • No Cap on How Many Can Play Each Game
  • Only one Grand Prize
  • Waiting For The Draw Date
  • Limited payment methods
  • Taxes on prize

General Information

What is Dreamgiveaway.com?

Launched in 2008, this is a prize site that offers players a chance to win luxury cars and other luxury goods. Dream Giveaway is licensed by a variety of charitable organisations for the purpose of conducting sponsored fundraising promotions. These funds have helped provide important assistance to veterans, hospitalized children, cancer victims, the homeless, victims of natural disasters, and other worthwhile causes.

Login and Sign Up

To enter, players will need to create an account by providing all necessary information such as name, date of birth, and physical address. Players can then select the draw and number of entries that they would like to make. All amounts spent on purchasing tickets get donated to charity.
The way this is achieved is because almost all prizes are sponsored. Each prize will have the sponsor’s name listed below it.

Review of games, promos and Bonuses

What Promo codes, Discounts and Vouchers Do they Offer?

Because of the nature of the site, there are no promotional, welcome bonuses or discounts extras. All draws are what they are stated to be and entering these draws is the only thing available on the website.

Popular Lottery Games
There are ten unique draws that take place each year and draw dates are openly displayed in the rules of each draw. Whether you choose to go for the Bandit Dream Package, Corvette, Mustang, Camaro or Shopping Spree, the ticket prices are the same. They all come with extras including cash to pay the taxes. Players can opt out for a cash value instead of the prize.

Security, Trust and Scams

Is Dreamgiveaway.com Legit?

Considering that they have been around for years, Lotto Guardian is confident to say that this site is legit. They have a very transparent website and the fact that all donations are 100% tax deductible—which itself means that they are registered to receive donations—leads us to believe that they can easily be trusted.

Does LottoGaurdian Trust Dreamgiveaway.com?

Lotto Guardian does trust Dream Giveaway and has no problem saying that the site is safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Lotto Review on Pay-outs, Withdrawals, and Winners

Each of the prize options have their own draw date. One grand prize winner is drawn along with three alternatives. The winner will be contacted by email within three business days of the draw. The alternatives are just in case dreamgiveaways.com can’t reach you so they’ll go to the next person. One thing to note is that Dream Giveaway is in no way liable for any tax payable on prizes. So, while some prizes do come with a cash amount to help cover the cost of tax, the onus to pay tax falls solely on the winner.

Customer Support at Dreamgiveaway.com

The site has a toll-free telephone number players can use to play an order. To check on the status of an order, questions about prizes and all other customer service calls, players are asked to call 727-228-1479 (M-F 9am – 5pm Eastern Time Zone) or email dreamgiveawayinfo@dggroupinc.com

Our Experience with Dreamgiveaway.com

Overall, this site is appealing, easy to use and has the added selling point of helping out charities while providing players with an opportunity to claim tax back on their purchases. Only complaint, or suggestion, is to include prizes for second and third place.

Final Thoughts

Lotto Guardian applauds what Dreamgiveaway.com is doing by donating all proceeds to charity, we are a bit concerned about the lack of decent terms and conditions on the site. Despite that, we are still confident that the website can be trusted and for that reason, we invite everyone to try the site out.

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