Overall Rating


  • Zero commission fees on wins
  • Loyalty programme perks
  • Good selection of fan favourite international lotteries


  • Tickets are quite pricey
  • Website is too text heavy

General Information

What is BuyLottoOnline?

BuyLottoOnline has been around for about 15 years and is what we call a lottery agent. Their main service offering is to purchase international lottery tickets on behalf of lottery players living within the United States, but this does not mean that you cannot play on their site if you live elsewhere.

Login and Sign Up

Creating an account is relatively easy and they do not require any out of the ordinary information and there is no sign-up fee charged. They also ask you for your preferred language and email address of someone who has referred you to their website, which links with their ongoing friend referral promotion. When creating a BuyLottoOnline account you will need to provide the following information:
1. Title
2. Full name
3. Date of birth
4. Mobile number
5. Alternative email address
6. Physical address
7. Email address
8. Password

Review of games, promos and Bonuses

Promo codes, Discounts and Vouchers

BuyLottoOnline offers 3 promotional offerings, the first being “Refer a Friend”, which we’ve mentioned before, for every friend that you refer to their website, you and your friend will receive a free play on MegaMillions. If you’re not into referring your friends to lottery websites, there are other promotional deals you can choose from, the second deal is their daily deals which vary each day, you can receive anywhere between 5% – 10% discounts on some of their most popular lotteries such as; Powerball, EuroJackpot or La Primitiva. The 3 rd promotional offering is their VIP Loyalty programme, this is a way for you to earn points that can be exchanged for Lottery, raffle, and syndicate tickets of your choosing.

Another thing that they offer, which we have not seen before, is that you can purchase BuyLottoOnline gift vouchers for your friends and family which can be used to purchase their own lottery goodies.

Popular Lottery Games
Because BuyLottoOnline is mainly targeted towards the United States, their most popular games are MegaMillions and Powerball, however they do have some fan favourite seasonal raffles and lotteries like the Christmas EL Gordo. All of these lotteries can be purchased at a slightly extra cost than you would pay directly from these lotteries because they do add an “agent” mark-up fee to cover the costs of managing and purchasing your tickets for you.

Security, Trust and Scams

Is BuyLottoOnline Legit

Owned by Legacy Eight Curacao NV and with links to LottoKing and WinTrillions, it is safe to say that BuyLottoOnline is a legitimate lottery service provider, the tickets that they purchase on your behalf are purchased under your name, which means that you are an official participant of that draw.

Does LottoGaurdian Trust BuyLottoOnline?

Yes, we are confident in saying that this website is legitimate and safe to play, especially if you are looking for a hassle-free lottery experience.

Review on Pay-outs, Withdrawals, and Winners

BuyLottoOnline does not ask for any fees, should you win money from your lottery ticket. Depending on the size of your winnings, BuyLottoOnline will notify via email or give you a call to let you know what or how much you have won. Your winnings can be used to pay for any outstanding orders you may have or be credited into your account which you can then request to be withdrawn into your bank account.

Customer Support at the BuyLottoOnline

There are many different ways in which you can get in touch with their support team, like always, we do suggest that you read a site’s FAQs first to see if your question can be answered there, otherwise you can chat to them via chatbot, online contact form or:
Email: info@buylottoonline.ney
Call: 1 855 835 4826

Our Experience with BuyLottoOnline


The website homepage appears to be very text heavy, at first glance it looks more like a lottery review site than an actual lottery site, the website is, however, mobile compatible and is relatively easy to navigate through.

Final Thoughts

With more than a decade under its belt and being associated with such big hitting lottery brands such as LottoKing, we would have a bit more of a punch when it comes to the visual appeal of this lottery website, not to mention that their promotions don’t necessarily have us jumping at the first chance we get to sign up. The one cool thing they offer are the gift vouchers which are cool for anyone who has friends and family that enjoy playing lotteries.

6 thoughts on “BuyLottoOnline

  1. Burt says:

    It is easy to buy tickets but I am concerned it is not an honest website. I would not suggest taking a chance to win a large lottery and get nothing for it. They send emails with results and my ticket orders and results are also easy to monitor.

  2. Bernett says:

    Incredibly EXPENSIVE! Wow, these guys are crazy.
    Seriously, when compared to other sites they are miles more expensive.
    What is the point of paying more…for the same thing as the others?!!? Waste of time!

  3. Azira says:

    I didn’t even know about the loyalty until I got called to say that I won a Samsung tablet . Definitely, not the best site but I will stay on here just for the prizes!

  4. Jackson says:

    Not a bad site, enjoy the look and feel and incredible promos on here that I generally don’t seem to get on the other sites! But please Buylottoonline, your prices are SO EXPENSIVE! It would be one of if not the best sites around if the prices were so high.

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